Liverpool Wastewater Treatment Plant (Sandon and Wellington Dock)

Client:Galliford-Costain-Atkins Joint Venture

Project Commencement:November 2013

Project Period:18 Months

Contract Value:£1.5 Million

DG Cummins were brought in early on in the Project to work with the Client in developing outline planning and methodology studies for the installation of some large diameter pipework to the extensive new £200m United Utilities project to provide a cleaner River Mersey(‘The Liverpool Programme’). The 18 month contract included the installation of 2200mm, 2000mm, 1600mm Diameter Ductile Iron and Steel Pipelines within the new and existing facilities; laid at depths of upto 6.00m.

DGC also completed a series of Reinforced Concrete Structures and segmental shafts to connect the newly installed pipework across the plant.
The challenging nature of installing 10.00m long (2200mm Diameter Steel Pipes) at these depths dictated a carefully sequenced temporary works installation utilising both traditional sheet piles and frames, and also high clearance trench boxes. Equally challenging was the testing and commissioning phase of the project which involved the installation of bespoke testing requirements to achieve the required thresholds and client compliance.

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